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A tattered band of refugees from a galactic civil war came to earth centuries ago and settled underground. Gradually, they reconstituted their civilization and technologies, always staying hidden.
One day, the leadership met secretly in a chamber so close to the center of the earth that the living rock was etched with flames. With their great, iridescent wings unfolded and flaring, they planned a takeover of the surface world … Only one man could stop them, a savage man for savage times …
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50,000 WORDS

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Action Man! Cover


A disintegrating society … In one northeastern port city, private eye Noah Waters struggles to solve a terrifying case that won’t stop expanding. Haunted by Dark Ones, aided by a beautiful, demonic temptress and tutored in magical martial arts by the unpredictable Max Mars, Noah is increasingly enmeshed in a high stakes, celestial whodunit, one that threatens the entire world! Now he must face the toughest criminal challenge of his career – his own …
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95,000 WORDS

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Kin Will Win Cover


 Might Is Right: or The Survival of the Fittest, was written by Ragnar Redbeard and initially published in 1890. Might may be Right, but human beings are tribal creatures and thus the fittest and strongest need not compete to be the most powerful. In fact, Kin Will Win makes the argument that it is tribal associations that determine the struggle for survival, not the magnificent Superman by himself on a metaphorical pedestal.

 31,000 WORDS

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The Dark Divisions expanded relentlessly, their factories belching, slaves groaning under whips. The farmers and craftsmen who lived in the High Hamlets began to flee, their great sky mansions drifting across the sky toward the sea. Now only a single High Hamlet stood in the way, the most ancient of the cloud settlements; and the greatest of the Bright, a sky-smith called Alexander, elderly now and tired, readied the High Hosts for the final confrontation …
You can read an excerpt from The Sky Smith.

12,000 WORDS

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Transparent Money cover


Transparent Money, The King, A Mall Outing and Beautiful Things are somewhat dark short stories; three are fantasy-oriented. One of these is about the solving the catastrophe of the modern money system, another about Hell and a third features the “Grim Reaper.” Go to the tab “Short Stories” in the menu above and click on whichever one you wish to read. Enjoy … if you dare!



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